Do you believe Health is a journey? Or do you have the idea that it is a destination?

Health is indeed a journey and it is all about taking those small attainable steps to continue on the right path, along the way with these small steps, you want to make sure the journey is indeed enjoyable.


Be Patient with the process, your body, mind and spirit will thank you in the end.


Below are three points highlighted to my believe system of 12 steps to your mental and physical health, choose one step you are going to take today, for the rest of the coming week/s.


Comment on how this is going for you…


Let’s see the STEPS:

  • Incorporate more leafy greens to at least one meal during the day, this can be spinach, bok choy, Kale…

  • Hydrate, drink at least 2 extra glasses of water each day then what you usually do.  Especially 30min before a meal. Room temp is ideal.

  • Take at least one hour each day where you take time out for self care. This can be broken up into 30min / 30min.


My focus on this topic is WATER: 


I would like to emphasise on the NO. 1 Key step. HYDRATION. 

When our bodies are dehydrated, we are impairing our energy levels, mood, this leads to major reductions in our memory and brain performance.

When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling.

Drinking water instead of soda can help with weight loss.

Yes, believe or not, It lubricates the joints, our Cartilage, found in the joints/disks of the spine, contain around 80 percent water. 

Long-term dehydration can reduce the joints' shock-absorbing ability and therefore lead to joint pain.


  1. Cucumber infused water

  2. Coconut water

  3. Water with soaked Chai seeds 

  4. Soak a tablespoon goji berries with chai seeds in water, blend in your blender for a hydrating antioxidant drink.

  5. Natural Rooibos tea, let it cool then add lemon and more water for a ice tea.

Lets discuss further some other major benefits of water:

The top 10 Benefits to drinking water, please be mindful that having soda, coffee or even tea (non herbal) has either got too much sugars if its soda, tea and coffee or even energy drinks are a form of diarrhetic, therefore diarrhetic means your body gets robbed from its water content, so for every cup of coffee you have, replace that with two glasses of water.

  • Saliva, lets cover how water allows us to form more saliva and mucus, saliva allows our body to digest our food and it also keeps our mouth, nose and eyes moisturised.  Ever wondered why your eyes might be so sore and dry?? Having your nose, eyes moist prevents any friction or damage to the lining, it also keeps your mouth super clean inside by drinking water due to the production of saliva.

  • Everyone can do with that added dose of O2, yes water delivers oxygen to our cells, the blood alone is more than 90% water and the blood carries oxygen to different parts of the body.

  • Skin is so important, so when it comes to staying hydrated, your also benefit the skin, by not getting enough water, your skin can become vulnerable to premature wrinkling and even some skin disorders.

  • Give your brain and spinal cord that cushioning it deserves, sensitive tissue love water as this gives them a comfortable safe, cushioned environment.

  • If your brain is not happy, dehydration can lead to affect the structure of the brain, the brain as we all know is key in our health and it is not only responsible for the secretion of hormones, but also our neurotransmitters.  Prolonged dehydration can have negative impact on our brain health.

  • Water allows us to regulate our temperature, water that is stored in the middle layers of the skin naturally come out when we sweat and then stays in place when we cold.

  • Some studies suggest when there is too little water in the body, heat storage increases and the individual is less able to tolerate heat strain.

  • Having a lot of water in the body may reduce physical strain if heat.

  • The bowel needs water to function as it should, having liquid within your gut allows for the movement of the bowel, along with a lifestyle that has fruit and vegetables.

  • Indeed we want to get rid of that waste within the bowel, water does just this, it rids of toxins and also when it is time to cleanse the bowl.

  • Blood pressure can increase as we dehydrate, this is if your body is in constant dehydration, you can certainly effect the levels of your blood pressure by being dehydrated.

  • Minerals and nutrients, all dissolve in water, so without water, these minerals and nutrients can not dissolve, therefore having adequate amounts of water you can ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs.

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