Ready for this challenge with me? All you need for this challenge this mid-week! Is to follow the ⬇️ pointers.


This challenge is all about getting rid of as much stuff as you can in a dedicated amount of time of 20/30min, so feel free to grab your kitchen timer.


To get started grab a couple of boxes to hold items that you will be getting rid off, keep a large trash bag or two. Plus some glass storage jars @lebonocollection code “Charissa10”


Less clutter in the kitchen, I honestly believe gives you a much clearer way of thinking before you just grab some random “not so healthy” snack from the fridge. Not knowing where half the stuff is in the kitchen often just leads to grabbing some microwave pack from the freezer to make for dinner. Making space for me is key, it kicks clutter thieves out, preventing clutter overwhelm.  It allows you to breathe, cook, and entertain without the stress of clutter.  Declutter your kitchen, and you will enjoy your kitchen organization on a whole new level!


When you can see the fresh colours of wholesome foods in your kitchen /fridge along with simple minimalist kitchen accessories, you’ll feel less stressed to be in the kitchen.


This is a short kitchen declutter exercise, so please note it will get you started. Once you’ve done this short blast, next week you set time aside again.. so over a months at 20/30min a week, you’ll have a Super amazing clutter free kitchen :) 


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When you are evaluating your items, keep these questions in mind -

  • Do I use this?  You shouldn’t really have to think long about this. Evaluate your wants and needs in the kitchen.

  • Is this item extra?  How many wooden spoons do you really need? Evaluation is key as to what you need/use on a regular basis. Select your favorites to keep & donate the extras!

  • Would I buy this today? A real helpful questions when looking at decorative kitchen items.  Ask yourself is this honestly still your style? What is it adding beauty or function to the space or just adding to the clutter?

  • Does this help to make my life easier? Some items you forgot in the kitchen cupboard you do use them some you use more often as they help to simplify things.  For example, if you have a rice cooker (large/bulky) how often do you use it? Have you tried options for rice replacement like quinoa/black wild rice or even cauliflower rice? If so, then the rice cooker might be unnecessary space thieve.

  • Cookbooks, oh man.. these things take up space..Donate them if not using, only have some books with two or three recipes, copy them and make one recipe folder or file even better store in your iPad or similar device..magazine recipes, tear out the page.

  • Wooden spoon etc. We don’t need five of the same thing people when it comes to some larger serving spoons etc. Think what you need vs what you use once a year.

  • Mixing bowls & Dish towels.. old stained mixing bowls, get rid of them especially those plastic ones, rather get glass bowls or stainless steel. Those tired dish towels, get rid of them. Less is more.

  • Cups /Mugs, oh my especially the ones you get from various places/companies or even at some events? If you don’t use them often, let them go. Stop feeding the kitchen thieves.

  • Countertops in the kitchen, keep them clear, less on the counters more in the cupboards.

  • Spices, I like making sure all my spices are in the same type of glass jars, then I tend to organise them in small shoe like boxes so they don’t stain the inside of my kitchen cupboards. Especially turmeric;)

  • Fridge/Freezer, this is the main culprit, toss items that are expired or look freezer burned. Less is more in the fridge. Also with berries wash them all, allow to dry and store in glass jars inside the fridge, don’t have all the Fruit packing clutter up your fridge as something might get lost in the back of the fridge. When you stand in front of the fridge you want to see what you have.

  • Allow to MAP SMART, by mapping out your space, is key, make sure you have different areas in the fridge where you will keep items that marry together, especially when it comes to that visual aspect when you open the fridge. Wipe down any condiment jars/jam/honey you might have, there is nothing worse than having too many condiments that are sticky etc. Keep veggies in a cooler drawer in the fridge, most berries love staying in glass jars, also try to keep your coconut yogurt/ nut milks etc call together on one shelf etc.

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