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Do you believe Health is a journey? Or do you have the idea that it is a destination?

Factors we often encounter that influence our decision towards exercise behaviour.


These determents control our process of being physical active playing a massive role when it comes to your fitness goals.


An important component is self-efficiency, referring to our actual belief in what our own capabilities are and successfully executing these. This relates to living a healthy lifestyle, both fitness and nutrition, along in our lifestyle choices..


It is key to understand what these determents are to you, below we have placed them three categories.




-Your view of keeping active, self-worth,  demographic (gender, income, age) and biological factors (health status)

-Activity History

-Psychological factors (cognitive & emotional factors)

-Knowledge, attitude and belief (your -behavioural attitude and skill) 


-Location Location (ease of access or complex)

-No Time

-Social Support


-Intensity of the workout (intimidated)


What do they look like?


What are the barriers that prevent you from being physical active? Personal demographics, often associated to our age, gender, income and race. Once you understand what part of the demographic you fall in you could look at small ways to adjust your situation.

Perhaps one of the reasons are you might need a structured group class setting, or join an outdoor fitness group in your local park.


Health mindset also influences our physical activity mindset. Therefore people with illness often exercise less than those whom are apparently healthy. 

Whilst some physical limitations might be a mitigating factor, it is likely that the misconception that individuals with chronic diseases should not exercise. 

However, the opposite is true. If you are one of these and find it difficult to get yourself to moving towards a physical regime, you might want to explore support groups. Or join a group setting where there is active regression and progression exercises been given. At the end of the day, any movement will lead to a healthier you.


Activity History, if you have been active previously, recall the benefits and way you felt at the time is a great way for you to get started again, or perhaps you are new to exercise, you still have a activity history, that can only be improved as to where you are now.

Asking yourself, if you had one, why did you stop? What was not working for you? What can you do differently?


Your factors that influence your exercise adherence and self-efficiency.

Self-efficiency is one of the key factors that ensures exercise adherence.

Why? Self-efficiency is our confidence in our ability to execute our physical activity gaols.

Self-worth, (what are your specific values about exercise).

Your mind is a powerful asset when it comes to being physically active and having that skill of self-efficiency, will ensure consistency to exercise adherence.


Your belief system of being able to be successfully physical active in your unique way is your way to get started on the journey.


Motivation is both intrinsic and extrinsic, so for you it is key to feel your intrinsic benefits of exercise, this will be a mindful approach as you feel how your body feels before during and after exercise.


Enjoying a healthy active lifestyle also positively affects your way of life, from food choices, to social activities.


Taking each day as a new day and thinking like a beginner when you start exercising or aiming to improve is a great way to see this lifestyle in a different way.


Health and Fitness is a lifestyle choice and a journey, as you go onto this journey. You will not only feel and look better, but have a sustainable process in place. Exercising daily will become part of your usual way of going about your daily life.


Social support is great as it only supports your exercise adherence when you have close family, friends supporting you. Ways to combat these factors if you don’t sense you have that social support is outsourcing your “tribe” people who will support you like group class settings, outdoor classes or trainers.


If you feel exercise is important to your health, you will find ways to exercise. If some environmental factors influence your workouts, what ways can you creatively combat these? Perhaps doing a home workout instead if you are snowed under and can not go to the gym…


TIME… Tick tock, time plays an important factor, most people use the words “I DON’T HAVE enough time”… but Why do you think this is? Often we are faced with how we perceive time and its limitations…

Fight that idea of ‘NOT ENOUGH TIME’ as time will steal your health and fitness… If you start seeing fitness and health as one of your top priorities you will find time, moving your body even at a high intensity level for 10min two to three times a day, is better than not doing anything at all. 


You the only one who knows what Time limitations you associate to exercise.


Decide what is important to you, your health and fitness goals is in your hands, Change only happens when we take action.

Motivation is also unreliable, therefore take action and motivation will come.


Take a 5min exercise (action) as a test, you will be likely to go over the 5min and end up doing more than you aimed to do as motivation comes after action.


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