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This weekend is all about taking it easy...Thanks to these awesome little wraps, we can do just so. Simple, delicious and easy to make with the benefits of getting a good amount of nutrients.


I love coconut wraps, these coconut wraps have just 4g net carbs. They're made out of three ingredients: coconut meat, coconut water, and unrefined coconut oil. Anyone that's gluten free, lower carb or just wants a wrap alternative these are awesome!


I also combined some good plant based proteins within the filling from making a delicious dressing from natural clean ingredients.


Thanks to the versatility of Nuzest Plain Clean Lean Vanilla, I can easily add those much needed essential amino acids into my meals.


Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, key to the health of our bodies vital processes like the building of proteins, along in the synthesis of our hormones along with our neurotransmitters.


Some of the much needed essential amino acids we can find in many plant based compounds.


The nine essential amino acids can’t be produced by your body and must be obtained through your diet. Conditionally essential amino acids are only essential under special circumstances like illness.


Nuzest Clean Lean protein has the complete protein profile.


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is arguably the highest quality and best tasting plant-based protein on the planet. Nuzest guarantee that the Clean Lean Protein is made with 100% European Golden Pea Protein isolate.


It’s not blended with less expensive sources to lower the cost or make up for supply shortages… it is European from seed to mouth. The high quality is reflected through the high percentage of protein (90%), as well as the removal of almost all anti-nutritional factors, including Lectins and Phytates.


Put simply, Nuzest protein is completely natural, containing only natural flavors. No artificial flavors or colors. No fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers, gums or other processing aids. Clean Lean Protein is…


  • 100% Plant Based; completely Vegan

  • High in protein including BCAAs and Glutamine

  • A complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids

  • Very low in carbohydrates and fat

  • Low sugar profile

  • Highly digestible (98%)

  • Alkaline

  • Free of all Allergens

  • Free from lectins

  • Free from GMO



Serv:3 pax



400g Bean Sprout Mix

3 Coconut wraps

.. »★..



1/2 Cup of raw hulled tahini paste

1/2 Cup of macadamia nut butter

2 Serving of Nuzest Plain Clean Lean Protein

1/2 Cup of lemon juice

1/3 Teaspoon of Turmeric

1/3 Teaspoon black pepper

3 Tablespoons of boiling water

1/3 Teaspoon of paprika

1/2 Teaspoon Grated ginger

3 Fresh basil leaves

1 Tablespoon of finely chopped chives

1 Tablespoon of Braggs nutritional yeast

1/2 Tablespoon of mixed curry powder

1/3 Cup of coconut cream



Blend all the dressing ingredients until smooth. Pour into your glass jar set aside whilst preparing your bean sprout mix.


Lightly pan fry your beansprout mix in you pan with a little avocado oil.

Once done, start mixing 2 Tablespoons of your dressing into beansprout mix.

Open up your wraps and start filling your wraps.


Extra dressing can be kept aside.


Enjoy x




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