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A simple way to start the day especially with most schools closed and kids are at home... Let's keep their breakfast exciting.

A delicious Multi-vitamin smoothie, packed full of vitamins, minerals along with other high quality goodness.

Kids Are What They Eat

Nutrients for growth and development; plus immune and digestive support.


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Smoothie bowl:

3 Handfuls of baby spinach

1 Green Apple sliced

1 Frozen Banana

2 Pitted large medjool dates

1 Large tablespoon of Hempseed or sesame seed butter

1/4 Teaspoon of cinnamon

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 Tablespoons of DIY Caramel Sauce (see below)

DIY CARAMEL SAUCE (RECIPE) ** this is enough to use a few times drizzled into smoothies, or onto your breakfast, so therefore keep the extra in a glass jar in the fridge.

1/4 Cup of coconut oil

1/4 Cup of yacon syrup

3 Tablespoons of Almond butter

1 Teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch of cinnamon

2 Servings of Nuzest Kids Good Stuff (Caramel flavour)


Blend the Ingredients of the vegan caramel sauce first, ensure it is smooth, once done, scoop into your glass jar and keep aside, you will only use one tablespoon of this inside the green smoothie blend.

Blend all the ingredients of the green smoothie, once smooth, add one tablespoon of the caramel sauce and mix into the smoothie.

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