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Simple, yet easy pancakes packed with fresh ingredients without adding any nasty refined sugars/flour to the mix.


Pancakes are loved by most, but often not the healthiest right? Especially when it comes to those added toppings, loaded with more sugar on top of sugar that your body just does not need.


Adding strawberries to these pancakes are great, strawberries are high in Vitamin C, plus they are Low GI, therefore low in sugar.


Breakfast means fiber + protein. Fiber is key when it comes to our gut health, the fiber ferments that produce short-chain-fatty acids, these are the main source of energy for our cells lining the colon.


Fiber rich foods, vegetables, legumes, fruits are linked to increasing our short-chain-fatty acids.


Adding some whole #plantbased #fiber to these morning pancakes, are beneficial for reducing inflammation within the gut.


High fiber foods are also known to keep sugar levels regulated, avoiding unnecessary sugar spikes.


These pancakes also contain added fiber from the coconut flesh. The coconut also contains antioxidants, these are great for fighting off free radical damage to our bodies cells, especially when it comes to the oxidation of (LDL).


Ref: PubMed


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Serv: 6 Med size pancakes (3 x Pax)




2 Cups of Rolled organic oats

1/2 Cup of Quinoa flakes (why?) it has a high protein content

1 Cup of Almond Milk/Macadamia Nut milk

1/3 Cup of Coconut yoghurt

3 Fresh strawberries

1 Banana Ripe

1/2 Pack of toasted coconut flakes

2 Servings of Kids Good Stuff Strawberry Nuzest

3 Medjool dates (purée)

1 Tablespoon of flaxseed meal + 3 Tablespoons of water mixed

1 Teaspoon Vanilla extract

1/3 Cup of unsweetened desiccated coconut

1/2 Teaspoon of beetroot powder

1 Teaspoon of Gluten free baking powder

1 Tablespoons of Macadamia nut butter



Blend the above ingredients until smooth. If you need a little more liquid, add small amounts of your preferred nut milk.

Once blended you can start making your pancakes. Flip them and once they are cooked set aside and you can add the in-between strawberries + cream layers.




1/2 Cup of coconut yoghurt

1 Serving of Nuzest Kids Good Stuff Strawberry

3 Fresh strawberries

2 Tablespoons of Macadamia nut butter

1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla extract

1/3 Teaspoon of beetroot powder


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