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Looking for a #lowcarb alternative to the usual pasta? Look no further, this dish is not only delicious, but so easy to make #circuitbreaker.

This is the ideal, for those following a paleo, vegan, keto lifestyle, along with those whom are looking to add more #plantbased foods to their lifestyle.

#Zucchini, is known to be low in sodium and high potassium, it help to maintain healthy blood pressure while fiber, such as the polysaccharide in zucchini, lowers cholesterol levels. This combination works synergistically to maintain good circulation, which is necessary for healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart.

#Zucchini, also contains small amounts of iron, calcium, zinc as well as several other B Vitamins, even vitamin A that is there to support our vision and immune system.

Another great benefit of #Zucchini, is the fact that it contains both soluble and insoluble fibre.

Insoluble fibre adds bulk to stools and allows food to move through our gut more easily, whereby this reduces the risk of constipation. Remember the gut being the second brain, you would rather aim to keep constipation at bay.


So basically, Insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water and is left intact as food moves through the GUT. Therefore the term fibre is all the parts of plant-based foods that cannot be digested or absorbed by the body, as it adds bulk to the stool.


Lets, look at soluble fibre, this feeds the good bacteria living in our gut, yes it is key to feed the good bacteria as it allows the friendly bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids, these short-chain fatty acids nourish our gut cells.

In a nutshell these short-chain fatty acids, nourishes our gut lining, therefore reducing inflammation and IBS, along with other irritable bowl diseases.

I prefer to spiralize my entire zucchini with the peel as the peel contains a lot of antioxidants, we want to ensure we get all the goodness from this plant. The high fibre content is also linked to stabilising blood sugar levels by preventing levels of sugar spikes you most often get from a bowl of pasta. As we want to aim to adding more fruits and vegetables to our lifestyle we naturally result in giving our bodies those added antioxidants. Mostly linked in reducing age related diseases, especially lowering our blood sugar levels

With this salad, I wanted to ensure we cover all the Macro nutrients, along with a lifestyle choice suited to those whom would like to have fewer refined carbohydrates, to more healthy fats and proteins.

Looking at this dish, you would probably not think it actually has all the 9 essential amino acids, being your building blocks for protein. Along with your healthy fats and of course slow releasing #plantbased carbs.



Serv: 2 Full meals or 4 Side salads



4 Large zucchini’s Peeled and ends cut off

1 Whole Lemon squeezed

3 Tablespoons of Avocado oil (raw cold pressed)


2 Avocado (must be ripe)

4 Handful of baby spinach

4 Tablespoons of coconut yoghurt plain or coconut cream

2 Serving of #Nuzest Clean Lean Protein (Chai Turmeric Maca)

2 Tablespoon of Yacon syrup

3 Tablespoons of nutritional yeast

Dash of almond milk (only if needed)


Spiralize the zucchini, once done, place the spirals in a dish cloth, it might have some excess moisture you want to rid of. Once done, massage the avocado oil and Lemon lightly into the spirals, set aside while you make the sauce.

Make the dressing by blending all the ingredients together until smooth. Once done you can drizzle it onto the salad and sprinkle with sesame seeds, almonds and some fresh tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes.


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