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With the 1-2-1 comprehensive package we will work towards your unique needs, this is a session designed for you based on what you are looking for.


I am a qualified yoga instructor, fitness trainer, barre instructor, as well as working on a uniqu personal training approach in 1-2-1 training, I will look at us targetting your workout around your unique nees, targeting muscles in a way whereby we will work towards that lean long toned muscle physique or whatever your body requires.


    I believe in quality over quantity, sometimes less is more.  I specialise in working with the female physique in a natural yet unique approah.  My target is finding a form of movement that is sustainable and works for you and your bodies needs.  Not a quik fix.


    I specialise more in the areas of lengtening and toning the muscles as to looking for bulky muscle growth.  I am passionate to ahieve results as we work towards toning the key areas of the female body, being thighs, buttocks and abdominals, also working on strenght in the mobility and flexibility of the joints.


    We focus more towards light weight to body weight.

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