Welcome to the 1st Version of Smack Palette by Charissa and Co Wellness in Collaboration with Nuzest.

From your plate "the canvas" to your palette of flavours. I aim to share healthy meals that look and taste good along with them being free from additives and processed ingredients. All of the meal plans are plant based and free from Gluten and added refined sugars.

Smack Palette allows you to play around with the colours nature gives us by giving you inspiration on how you can add more natural whole-foods to your lifestyle. It is never too late to start painting the canvas of your health and wellness goals. As a nutrition, fitness and holistic coach, I believe there is a way for us to merge the technical part of health with the exciting art of mindful health. This can over time empower anyone with the knowledge and tools they need to cultivate a balanced diet. By building progressive sustainable skills via practices and daily actions. Taking a habit-based approach that is manageable. Small daily practices that lead to supporting healthy eating.

As ambassador for Nuzest, I fully appreciate the importance of adding high quality plant-based protein to your lifestyle. Therefore, the meal plans with this Ebook you will enable you to find a variety and versatile way as to how you can incorporate high quality protein into your lifestyle.

Charissa and Co Wellness I aim in finding long term sustainable ways we can achieve long term health goals. With the same view in finding ways to be that support to your health and fitness goals.
Therefore my collaboration with Nuzest falls in line with SMART ways we can all lead a active and healthier lifestyle. Therefore we share the purpose of bringing vitality to life!

Smack Palette Vol. 1 E-book



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