There is such a variety in ways that our actions both large and small can help make our community and the world at large be a healthier place. 


Let’s touch base on some small minor adjustments we can make to start a greener living.



  • Let us buy local. Shop for food at your local farmers markets. Buying local reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to transport products across long distances, plus it cuts down on wasteful packaging.

  • Always take your own re-usable shopping bag. Instead of using grocery stores’ disposable plastic or paper bags, bring your own reusable bag. Being, a plastic bag-less person is less wasteful, plus a re-usable bag is not only stronger, but  it keeps your groceries intact! If you must use disposable bags, ensure to ask the teller NOT TO double bag it, they tend to do this a lot.



  • Try Beeswax: Yes ditch those single use plastic wraps and replace with sustainable options, using either organic cotton or even beeswax paper is great, not only reusable, but environment friendly. Usually you can use these up to 1 year.

  • GLASS GLASS: Yes hit those glass containers, you can grab yours of @lebonocollection using code “charissa10” for discount. Glass containers are not only reusable but they look way better in the fridge as those mismatched Tupperware you have in the fridge, also you’re not using plastic. Glass you can clearly see what food is stored in each jar. Also glass is a lot healthier for you, some plastic Tupperware are no BPA or PVC free, therefore not great for our health.


My other two favourites are for sure Silicone storage bags, as well as stainless steel storage containers.



  • Silicone storage bags: are BPA and Plastic free, they are lightweight and easy to pack in the fridge, great for popping your on the go goodies.

  • Stainless steel: These are great for storage, unlike glass, you won’t break them if you drop them by mistake. They are also healthy for both the environment and yourself.


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